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What We Offer

The complete range of our products with details.

Speciality Fabrics

Custom Fabric Development

Widezone produces a wide variety of specialty fabrics. In fact, custom fabric development is one of the strongest growth areas within Widezone’s Textile division.

Woven Fabrics

Wide-width Woven Fabric

Widezone produces wide-width woven fabric up 120” and up to 400 tpi in poly-cotton, and 300 tpi in 100% cotton. Fabric is produced.

Knitted Fabrics

Knitted Fabric up to 36” Dia

Widezone produces knitted fabric up to 36” dia in 100% cotton and poly-cotton. Knitted fabric is produced for in house consumption and commercial/custom knitting.


Natural and Synthetic Fiber

A range of natural and synthetic fiber is offered through our channel partners. • Combed Yarn • Carded Yarn • Indigo dyed • Fancy/Specialty Yarn


Sourcing, Processing & Finishing

Widezone’s in-house infrastructure of fabric sourcing, processing, finishing and stitching to manufacture garments ensures a high quality for our customers.

Home Furnishing

Home Furnishing Products

Widezone offers wide range of home furnishing products ranging from plain, dobby and jacquard suitable for every home. We produce Bedsheet, Quilt, Pillow cover etc.

Details About Widezone

Company History

Founded in 1992, Widezone International Co is a well-known textile and apparel manufacturer operating out of Lahore and Faisalabad, Pakistan. Widezone is engaged in innovation, manufacturing resulting in complete customer satisfaction. Untiring efforts of Widezone’s work force has enabled it to secure and sustain number of happy customers like Spiral, Kathy Ireland, SAFE, Dollar General etc. throughout these years. Widezone’s reputation for ethical and sustainable business practices is acknowledged and respected by its customers, employees and the community at large.

Our Mission & Vision

Widezone International Co is one of the leading textile and apparel manufacturer dealing in woven and knitted garments. Our relentless commitment to our customers and a long lease of experience in fabric and garment manufacturing has earned us the trust of dozens of satisfied customers worldwide. Widezone believes in advancement and modernization of apparel industry with our professional team with the contribution from our customers, employees and community in which it operates.

Product Capacity

The production capacity for Fabric is for Kinitted Fabrics Up to 4,000 kg daily whereas for the Woven Fabrics it is Up to 5,000 meters in percale daily. As far as the production capacity for garments is concerned it depends upon the design and style as a rule of thumb two 20 ft containers a month.

Note: If you require any other specific information about production, write to us.